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Girl In Park

Girl In Park

Fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Jaja Manuel, Girl In Park is a Philippines-based alternative rock band with dreamy, melancholy vocals and music that captures both the turbulence and softness of human emotions. Girl In Park is signed to the U.S. label Know-It-All Records at http://www.knowitallrecords.com

Location: Philippines


Sunday, November 20, 2005


Wide open
Wide Oh(Why?) openCassio
could you love me more...?
Can we be friends...?
On a journey to Tibet I call "freedom"
Words unsung
Hold me close
Don't let the wind follow
Don't let the wind take us awayCassio...
What the *%$# -
Would you do anything to work out all wrong?
It's my freedom Cassio! Cassio!Cassio...
Can you stomach what I've done, oh, to your soul..?
To your soul?
Can we drown?
Getting caught in muddy waters?
Ooh and go down
Ooh forever in doubt
Hold me close
Don't let the wind follow
Don't let the wind take us away Cassio..What the $#@! -
Is anything worth it at all?
It's my freedom Cassio!
Never let me go!
She's been higherIt's my fault!
She never let up
It's my lonely year, its the only salvation
Ooh yeah, it's my final request
Going down... Down Going down...
My fault, no we're going down! BYE!
Oh we're crashing down, down, down
Oh we're crashing down, down, down
Oh we're crashing down, down, down
Oh we're crashing down, down yeah...
Going down... Down
Now I know your higher, down
Mm bye Cassio...Cassio...

Thursday, November 10, 2005


When you've gone about things all wrong,
Bury them here, with a lifetime you would never regret
in savoring sleep, what do you mean i toss and turn everywhere?
i'll miss you when you're gone
with pretending that you weren't the world to me
with that you'd call me a liar and in making mistakes
you'll rest incomplete...

The hand reads seven-thirty
and your night begins to sink in the short but faster fall
anxious but calm retort to a mirror that frames your face
baring the finest swell

And the day begins to break,
like the tears that run across your cheek
stand straight and imagine you then
in things and the way they could have been
when the thoughts they race across your chin
here in the neverend

(before you walk home)
when he's found figuring, will he be home again?
(signal loss and stereo)
with wide open windows will she be waiting for
(the sounds surround the overpass)
with severed arm placement when the day's DARK, old and dead
(a dead man against you)
we'll write her a letter with long time passing by

In graver mistakes (i'll be home)
dear mom and dad, i'll write you in this letter that states (i'll be moving on)
when the new day's begun, (new day's begun)
forget your son when he's out on his own
point your gun in another direction
now that you've cried yourself to sleep
point your gun in another direction
now that you've cried yourself to sleep
here and there
after the fire
after the fire
i'll be home...


Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I know better than to lie down
In sunshine late afternoon
To drowse and wake at twilight with torturing midges
When those who know me so well
They could find me on any shore on earth
Take for the breath the nightwind’s: Exile, exile.

To all, to lovers, to friends
Secure beyond falling out of love,
Time brings at the last time on earth together.
Let memory lie like sunlight
On this desolation of weeds.
You are raked with pain, but alive, and paintings stand

Round the cave of your room; in the shadow
Of death, your death, they are binding
Your life to inviolate space.
For what do we grieve

If death is only an image
In the mirror of time’s abyss,
The prior darkness when earth did not contain us?

How long, how late we would talk
Of death, love, art, the enchanting
Confusion of mortal questions. We could have talked
For a thousand years, and changed
Our minds a thousand times,
Like Goethe changing “For all must melt away

To nothing,” after his friends
Had it set in golden letters
For a scientific assembly.
I fear those dreams
When those I loved, now dead,
Are speaking to those who died
In earlier times; they did not meet on earth

But smile, and know. They bid me:
Restore, repair, remember.
Be with me here as you were, in pain but smiling,
Here where the dying race
Posed stiffly" as grim dolls
For their last likeness, history closing around them.

As sunset paints neglected
Damson and lively thistle,
And the tide returns to send the semaphore crabs
Each to his burrow, flaunting
A pugilistic nipper,
Affirm, “No being can dissolve to nothing.”


Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Backend of Forever

Thursday, April 28, 2005

sweet harmony

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darkmoon en moonlight jamming

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Dont forget to remember...

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005